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So, I got an invite a few days ago to come out to Al Maya Island, Abu Dhabi to a ‘Foam Party‘…..fb foam party ad

I wasn’t entirely sure what it was and if it’d be fun, but I checked out the FB page and said, HECK YEAH, I’M GOING!!! Got a friend on board and met up with this cool crew of folks from all over the world. I gotta say though, most of the crew is from Mexico and those Mexicanitos really know how to have a good time!!!

On the way

The fun started on the boat ride from the tiny terminal across from the gorgeous Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. There’s all kind of construction going on in the area and it’s easy to miss the entry point to the Al Maya Island boats, but once you get through the crowd and construction, it’s a thrilling ten to fifteen minute ride! Our boat was full, and the boat in the distance behind was also transporting folks to the party! I definitely suggest hitting the island up one weekend when you have a whole day to dedicate to beach partying!

AL Maya

Once we got there, we had a VIP table next to this pool and jacuzzi! The seating area has little beach villa beds where you can lay back and relax, but folks were ready to get in the water and find the dance floor, which of course was eventually covered in foam…!

Covered in foam

We ended up having a GREAT time meeting folks, dancing in the pool and jacuzzi after foam suds died down! ……Did I say GREAT TIME!??!!Β  I mean like SPRING BREAK!! FREAKNIK! hahah Okay, maybe not Freaknik but definitely FRESHMAN YEAR in college good time!! πŸ˜€

mai, andrea and friend

We’re definitely trying to hit the next one!! I heard they’re worldwide!! A few other friends of mine have been to Foam Parties in Vegas, Thailand and Los Angeles as well!!!

Mai and Luann cropped

And anywhere there’s a good time, I’m all the way down!!! Long Live the FOAM!!

Mai in suds cropped