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Handcrafted linocut print of the Zamunda Flag by Buddy from the Bronx!

This is why I love my friends!!! They send me precious little reminders that I am loved and missed!! πŸ˜€ Already, I’ve gotten thoughtful gifts from London, UK and and Riverside, CA! And THIS is the most recent one all the way from the BRONX, NYC!!! It’s from my favorite New Yorker, Buddy!! He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. “This is a linocut print I have made of the noble flag of your beloved Zamunda! I hope you enjoy displaying your Zamunda pride with this handcrafted piece!” <—I am so geeked right now!! A few summers ago we went to see Coming To America in Thompkins Square Park with about 200 other New Yorkers who quoted EVERY SINGLE FUNNY LINE in the movie!!! That was the best experience ever!! πŸ˜€ He’s selling these as a fundraiser for one of his artistic endeavors, so if you’d like one, hit him up!! Thank you, B!! I love it! β™₯