Happy New Year Cape Town 2013

Just a reminder to myself, and anyone else who daydreams about the unknown and what it has the potential of bringing you (in relation to a current reality that you desire to change)….. In January of 2012, I had NO IDEA that I would actually be applying for a job abroad, getting said job (and other international job offers), and leaving the country for a year’s journey across the globe. Nor did I realize that I would be visiting seven countries within that year of living abroad, most significantly, two nations in the Motherland, Rwanda and South Africa, (something that I thought was not capable of happening in my then-current 2012 life). It wasn’t until the end of March 2012 that I even applied for the job on a whim. In January of 2013, I had no idea that I would be enrolled in a Graduate Program in International Affairs by the end of the year, nor did I have any inclination that I’d be selected to go to Hong Kong in the next year (God-willing all goes as planned and WHATEVER I do when I get there this summer will be fruitful enough to springboard me even further along). I’m a firm believer in the UNKNOWN being your best ally. Things that have yet to unfold are in their best stages because ANYTHING is possible when you start to shape that NEW reality. For me, it all started with a daydream, a bit of wanderlust, and a few hours/days/weeks/months of internet researches of ALL THINGS of interest. And, you know…….by the grace of God, my reality begins to reshape and take form. Now it’s the third of January 2014. I’m pleased with this leg of the journey, but I CAN’T CALL what will have transpired in my life by December ’14. But I’m READY for it…….. #KeepTheFaith

2014-01-01 17.50.05