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Last Thursday, one of my dear friends who works in PR, texted me around 4:30 in the afternoon like, “Hey, do you want to be on GMA in the morning?” and went on to explain that Alexa Von Tobel of Learn Vest financial services was doing a segment and looking for people to advise. Once I realized that my friend was going to recommend me, I hightailed it into gear like, “I need to do my hair! I need get my nails done, I need to get a new outfit……” though I only ended up getting my favorite two-toned gel manicure done at the last minute! When I showed up at Good Morning America studios Friday morning, passing both George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts on my way to the green room (unfortunately I didn’t get to say hello), I met with the producers and other segment participants and got ready for my big close up! The segment, it turns out, put the spotlight on Americans’ poor spending habits so that the financial expert could advise on how to spend and save more efficiently in the new year. They also wanted to hear about our saving habits while Alexa gave tips for these as well. As it turns out, the clip aired today! I got a text from a friend who who got a text from her girl asking if I had been on GMA this morning! I said that I was supposed to be on at some point, but hadn’t heard anything. Long story short, I later came to realize the segment had indeed aired but that my short interview made the cutting room floor. I did, however, manage to get a five second cameo appearance, which I’m perfectly fine with! Here’s to the unexpected moments in life and to saying YES! to whatever opportunities come my way……! ★♥★

Mai on Good Morning America.29