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I’ve completed a few more write ups and reviews for Berlin-based Pop Magazine! Here is a retrospective of Leela James’ career and her upcoming debut on R&B Divas LA!

R&B Divas LA’s Leela James

In the early days of Leela James’ career of being a talented, bright-eyed and bushy-coiffed soul singer, the business side of the music industry wasn’t something that her team had handled in the most profitable way. Looking back, she acknowledges that she has the quintessential artist story of being excited simply to sing in the big leagues. As a result, a lot of efforts were mismanaged, if not squandered during the five years between signing her first deal and the release of her debut album. Nine years later, she’s all about business and performance, recognizing that the two go hand in hand to reap the kinds of success she is looking for. Part of the current Leela James business strategy, especially as it pertains to exposure and widening her fan base, comes with her decision to join the cast of R&B Divas: Los Angeles. The reality show follows her as she gears up to launch her fifth studio album, Fall For You, in early July… (click HERE to read more!)