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Map HK-HEL-NYCSo, having had a week to think back over my Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand Finland trip this summer, I am ready to update my Countries Traveled list! As of now, my father has been to 20 countries and my mom has been to 17. I’m between them with 18 countries visited now that I’m back from HK!

1. NZ
2. Aus
3. Switzerland
4. Spain
5. UAE
6. Oman
7. Qatar
8. South Africa
9. Rwanda
10. England
11. France
12. Jamaica
13. Mexico
14. Canada
15. Singapore
16. Hong Kong/Macau (China special administrative regions)
17. Thailand
18. Finland

(Honorable Mention: Italy – only running through the airport in Rome trying to make a connection!)

This means that after South America/Brasil (hopefully by the end of the year or beginning of next), all I need is Antarctica and I will have hit ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS! I’m sitting here now trying to research voluntary options for going to the South Pole/Arctic Circle! I really would love a selfie on the continent seldom visited by girls like me!  As a matter of fact, there’s a book I’ve been meaning to read, just for fun, called Antarctic Security in the Twenty First Century: Legal and Policy Perspectives. I think that it will give me a perspective on how to visit Antarctica, not as a scientist, but maybe in the policy/social scientist capacity… Who knows! #daydreams  Meanwhile, I really need to step my Caribbean travel game up! 😎 #worldwideunderground #globalcitizen