About Mighty Mai!


Mai PerkinsJack of all trades, master of writing and lover of all things musical, Mai Perkins considers herself part of the global arts collective.  As a freelance writer, she has nurtured her intellectual and artistic craft at both Howard University and Sarah Lawrence College. Currently, she is completing an MA with a media and culture focus in the Graduate Program of International Affairs at Milano, a division of The New School. There, she is entrenched in theoretical discourse surrounding media, culture, social activism and human rights. Currently living in Brooklyn, her roots are in sunny California, though she’s spent time in Dubai and Hong Kong in addition to visiting 15 countries in the past few years. When not traveling, teaching, taking classes or documenting her life experiences, Mighty Mai spends many joyful moments singing and dancing among friends, reveling in the unforgettable good times—whether on stage, in someone’s living room, in a park or a Brooklyn backyard! Quoting one of her favorite movies, Auntie Mame, “life is a banquet…” indeed, and she has no intentions of starving to death! Mai is all about the ADVENTURES of life, and she’s here to influence that vibe throughout the world! ♥

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